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A Dental Party-

A group of 20 or more horses to be floated on one site in one day.  

Who can throw a Dental Party-

Anyone who can line up horses.  I need to have access to electricity and water.  I prefer inside to limit light.  I have done parties in cattle sheds, barns, boarding facilities, saddle club arenas, Tractor Supply parking lots, horse shows, fairgrounds, and rodeos.

Benefits of a Dental Party-

Host gets 2 horses floated for free ($200 value).  People who bring their horses don't have to pay travel/mileage fees. And when horse owners get together, its just fun.

What is a Dental Party?


Veterinarians and other Equine Dental Professionals

Do you have a case that is more than you are ready for?  I am happy to accept referrals.  Anything from hooks you can't reach with your hand instruments, to root canals, extractions or periodontal work.

We can work out a great solution for the horse.

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