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This is a case I saw in Casper, WY.  

This 4-5 year old horse had failed to shed many of its baby teeth.  As you can see, this horse's mouth is a crowded mess.

This is a classic case of something that can easily be fixed if caught early, but if missed would lead to huge problems by the time the horse is 18.

Here is the horse right after the baby teeth were removed. The teeth should all space in correctly now that the extra teeth are gone.  I hope I can include a picture 1 year after correction soon.

Cool Case:

Supernumerary incisors

(un-shed baby teeth)

Cool Case:


This horse was having some major behavior problems. It was tossing its head, rooting at the bit and refusing collection.  

Dental wise, it was an easy fix: remove hooks and add a bit seat.  

All reports are of almost miraculous improvements!